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10 Simple Steps To Install Doors


1. measurements (width and height)
2. assembling the frame
3. install extensions unto the frame
4. install frame assembly into the wall
5. mount hinges unto the door
6. mount door unto the wall
7. install latch
8. install handle
9. mount side moldings
10. mount top molding

1. Measurements (width and height)

Measure the opening width, always add 3″ inch on the width and 1 1/2″ – 2″ on the height of the door slab. For example:

Door slab widths:

28″ + 3″ = 31″ opening
30″ + 3″ = 33″ opening
32″ + 3″ = 35″ opening
36″ + 3″ = 39″ opening

Door slab heights:

door size 79″ + 2″ = 81″

2. Assembling the frame

Assemble the frame, all tree side together and mount a temporary piece of a wood at the bottom of the frame. If the frame need to be shortened, cut it from the bottom at desired height.

3. Install extensions unto frame

Hold the frame unto the wall temporarily, measure the remaining distance between the frame and wall edge. Mark the locations of the mounting screws. Cut extension piece at desired width and height and attach it to the frame with finishing nails.

4. Install frame assembly into the wall

Install frame assembly together with the extensions to the wall. Level it with a leveling tool. Add shims as needed to properly level the opening side of the door and install screws in the predrilled holes under the rubber seal around the frame every 16″.

5. mount hinges unto the door

mount hinges per local codes at your desired distance.

6. mount door unto the wall

Mount door unto the frame.

7. install latch

Install provided European latch into the door

8. install handle

Install provided European handle on the door.

9. mount side moldings

Measure and cut the side molding. Spread nail glue and snap into place.

10. mount top molding

Measure and cut top molding per correct opening and mount.

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