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About Us 

Welcome to ESD European Style Doors, the only distributor for Pavone Designs Inc. doors. Our US manufactured classic and contemporary doors are the preferred choice for architects, high-end housing developers, contractors, homeowners nationwide. Each collection features contemporary interior doors design in wood Veneer, German and Indian Laminate. State your own style with our Individually crafted doors. 

Our Mission

 With the slogan “The quality is above all”  we ensure that our product is much better than the majority. We offer a wide choice, good quality, and professional service. We are working with European designers in developing the best doors on the market today. Part of our commitment to ongoing improvement is our agenda of research and development of new products.

Top Quality Standards

Pavone doors are manufactured in the USA with the highest quality of the materials and top quality standards. Pavone doors stand out in a market with their durability. Our doors are made of the finest wood product, tempered glass, veneer, and laminate. We have a large stock inventory. We also offer a 3-year warranty, please call for more details.

Delivery and Installation 

We offer nationwide delivery and free delivery in some of the great Los Angeles area. You just need to choose the door design, finish, glass, hinges, handles and we will deliver it complete and ready to be installed. We also offer installation.

NO waiting period needed between the framing and drywalling, NO primer needed, NO painting needed, NO other material needed. You purchase the door (which comes with everything) and you install. That’s it. This is a major saving when you purchase Pavone doors.

Why Choose Us?

Custom Approach 

If your requirements go beyond our door selection, please contact us with your own door design. We are always happy to discuss your needs. We have many available colors and finishes for you to choose from. Here at ESD we can make any custom style/size door you need.  We sell direct to homeowners, architects, designers, builders. 

Complete kit ready to install

In order to install a typical door, you have few options pre-hang or slab. In both cases, you will still need to buy moldings, hinges, extension pieces and other materials to accommodate and finish the project. Pavone doors come with a complete kit same color as the door. They also come with a seal around it in order to get at the closed position and with free butterfly hinges. Moldings and jambs are finished product to install. No painting needed. Extension pieces will be provided to cover the area between the casing (frame) and the width of the wall. Our jambs cover wall thickness between 4″ 1/2 to 8″.

If you consider installing a typical door, you will need lots’ of steps like installing casing (frame), framing, prime painting, installing doors and moldings, prime painting doors and necessary moldings and final painting everything.

These steps require manpower labor, the installer charges separately and painter separately. Plus you need to purchase a primer and paint. If you add all the labor, material and supply on the top of the door unit, you will see the final product cost of the typical door will be more than the Pavone style door but yet the quality and the finished product will not be as good as Pavone Doors.



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