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Most common question customer ask is, "why it is so expensive?"


Example 1:
“ESD doors are made of finest and most advanced equipments in Europe. The Manufacturer uses Italian and German engineered equipment. Germans are known for their engineering and they are number one in the world, for example take their cars, Mercedes, BMW, Audi…they are top engineered cars.

“Italians are known for their design. Look at ESD doors and see how detail and elegant is the design .Our door stand out in a market, where interior doors are just doors and not part of the design concept.

“We at ESD believe, interior doors of a house should be the transition design of the house that flows from one room to another. Doors are not just a partition between 2 rooms or area, rather we see it as new entrance for a private or contented area. You might have one or 20 doors house, each door will enter you to a area of your choice with comfort.”

“In a office or work area, ESD doors represent the element of success, trust and confident. Law firm, Medical offices, clinics, any type of office plac,e ESD door can provide the best doors design for your need “


Example 2:
Yes you might think ESD doors are little more pricier than other local warehouse doors. But there are many reasons for it.

  1. Our doors are made in Europe, NOT China. European manufacturing standards are lot higher than Chinese.
  2. Our doors materials are Inspected by local government agencies and are Green product. This proves that our product are made with top quality standards.
  3. Our doors are made of finest wood product. Pine wood, MDF wood, tempered glass.
  4. We are offering a new standard door to the market. This product is for everyone that is looking for top quality door that will last for long time.
  5. In order to install American door, you have couple options pre-hang or slab. In both cases you will still need to buy moldings, hinges, extension pieces and other materials to accommodate and finish the project
  6. ESD doors come with a complete kit same color as the door.
    a. Frame (casing) is the main element which the door is hanged unto. They are all finished product as same as the doors. They also come with seal around it in order to get a tight close position. b. Moldings are finished product to install. No painting needed. Once the molding is installed, you are done. Nothing else needed.b. Extension pieces will be provided to cover the area between the casing (frame) and width of the wall. Wall vary between 4″ 1/2 to 8″.These extension pieces are very simple and easy to install.
  7. If you consider to install an American door, you will need the following step.
    1. install casing (frame) while framing and prime paint.
    2. wait till drywalls are mounted and prime painted to return and install doors and moldings.
    3. prime paint door and necessary molding
    4. final paint everything.
    5. the labor for door casing, doors and molding painting is more expensive than regular wall painting. These steps require man power labor, the installer charges separately and painter separately. Plus you need to purchase primer and paint. If you add all the labor, material and supply on the top of the door unit, you will see the final product cost of the American style door will be more than the ESD style door.

ESD doors come ready to install NO waiting period needed between the framing and dry walling, NO primer needed, NO painting needed, NO other material needed. You purchase the door (which come with everything) and you install. That’s it. Don’t need to pay for installer twice, or pay any painter at all. This is a major saving when you purchase ESD doors.

Another common question customers ask is; "My house is in framing phase. My contractor asked me to get door casing, so he can continue the work. Can you provide me the door casing? will get the doors later."

Example 1:
“ESD doors come in finished product, means all parts of the doors are finished ready to install. No painting is needed after installation. This means ESD doors are the last item to install in the project. The American designed doors must install casing right after framing is done before drywalls are mounted. This is a traditional method of installation step, to continue the work. Whereas, ESD casings/frames are finished product don’t need to install during framing only and only after drywalls are mounted and final painting of drywall is done. This procedure step is time saving and also cost effective.”

Another common question customer ask is; "I am remodeling my house and I am getting new floors. can you install the door casing in order to continue the flooring."

Example 1:
“Because ESD doors comes in finished product, this means the frame (casing) is installed above the flooring. It sits on the top of the floor and mounted to the side frames studs, very simple and labor effective.”

Another common question customer ask is; "I saw some other doors similar to yours on internet and they were cheaper than yours."

Example 1:
“It is true there are many other companies that they provide similar design doors. Look at the Los Angeles market there are thousands of businesses that they all serve food, sell cars, fabricate furniture and more. That does not mean they all do the same services. Each product or service is always little different from the other one.
So, ESD doors are
-unique in manufacturing,
-elegant in designing
-and our client always comes first
we strongly value their business, we provide superior service and excellent in performance” .

Frequent question customer ask is; "what are ESD doors made off?"

Example 1:
Our doors are made from over pasted pine blocks with 3mm MDF layer and natural veneer decoration. All door bases are manufactured from a compound re-glued mass, that was formed as a result of the splicing process under pressure from dry wood blocks (all knots were removed in advance). As of today, this technology is considered the most advanced in production. Blocks are selected in such a way that the direction of fibers in each layer is different. Such technology allows us in the future to avoid door panel deformation (the doors stay intact, they do not dry up and/or crack).

MDF protects the door from mechanical damage due to its high density, and serves as an ideal basis for wood veneer application. Use of this material in door manufacture process allows the doors to be highly resilient to moisture absorption and shock. Veneer allows us to create a beautiful “wooden” pattern throughout the entire door surface, which is virtually impossible to do with the doors manufactured from natural materials.
Finishing is accomplished with two-component polyurethane paint materials manufactured by ICA (Industria Chimica Adriatica), Italy. The paint materials makes hard elastic film with high mechanical and chemical resistance.

Frequent question customer ask is; "why should I buy ESD door and not another brand name?"

Example 1:

ESD doors Other Companies
High quality wood and veneer Made in China with unknown woods
Italian elegant design                                                                                                                 

Custom made doors any style and size

Simple Design
Warranty 3 year (call for details) Guarantee ??? year
Matching casing, jamb, extension included Need to buy moldings separately
No Painting needed after installation Need to paint primer and finishing
You only need to hire an installer You need to hire installer, painter, and purchase other Materials to finish the work
Cost effective
step 1 -purchase of ESD door
step 2 -installation
Multiple layers of expenses 8 steps
1. purchase of a door
2. installation of casing
3. finish drywall
4. install door
5. mount moldings
6. prepare casing, door and molding for paint
7. paint primer
8. final paint
  1. style
  2. quality
  3. cost effective
  4. durability
  5. investment
  6. choice


“Choosing the correct door style for your project is an important decision. To make the house or office space looks harmonious, doors are not just an entry ways to a new area or space rather defines a new surroundings that could be your bedroom, bathroom, office, etc. Choosing door style is owners vision of their comfort. With each ESD door style your design will be unlimited. There are so many options that ESD door will provide our clients a rich collection to choose from. From Modern to Classic doors our door will fulfill all designers, home owners and architects imagination.

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